Monday, November 07, 2005

America's Real Gun Problem

Some recent accidental self-shootings:
Jason Gins, 19, Baton Rouge, La., January, in the genitals (gun stuffed in waistband during getaway from robbery);
Michael Bent, 30, New York City, September, hit an artery near the groin (fatal) (fooling with gun in car while talking to his girlfriend);
Randal Lewis, 40, near St. Louis, September, in the head (fatal) (while demonstrating to 12-year-old son how to unload gun);
Robert E. Slay Jr., 55, Gonzalez, La., October, leg (trying on pants at an outlet store);
Dr. Steve Kyplesky, 57, Raceland, La., hand (fumbling with gun in his truck's glove compartment);
Dale B. Grimmett, 41, Ione, Wash., shoulder (pointed rifle at himself while cleaning it);
15-year-old high school student, Detroit, December, leg (bent over to pick up pencil in class).

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